Industrial scaffolding

​Use our quick-build work platforms and scaffolding for new constructions, renovations and care and maintenance work. You will receive a work scaffold and a supporting scaffold structure as part of the the same construction, open or closed depending on your requirements.

Our scaffolding - equipment and features

  • ​Free-standing - does not require fixation to masonry
  • ​All-the-way-round protection against collapse
  • ​Extended scaffold width for maximum
  • ​steel beam stability without using wood or overlapping sections, for accident-free work.
  • ​Cover for working in all weather conditions
  • ​A scaffold that is wrapped in tarpaulin or film will quickly become a wind or watertight tent/winter shelter with heat insulation.

Stairwells and bridge sections

The stairwells and bridge sections we rent out provide the access you require and are always perfectly adapted to the local conditions.

  • A temporary solution that can be put up quickly and at short notice, from one day to the next,
  • ​with no foundations, maximum, documented stability (static)
  • ​safe for all loads: Depending on requirements, a stairwell also satisfies the most demanding safety standards pursuant to regulations on assembly junctions
  • ​Noise protected using the Protect system

Scaffolding applications

  • Construction companies

  • Windpower system construction

  • ​Industry/engineering construction

  • ​Shipbuilding/shipyards

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Scaffold installation - advantages

  • All areas and component parts become accessible from a scaffold
  • Different work tasks can be performed at the same time
  • Short construction and repair times
  • If the conditions change, the scaffold can quickly be customised and moved​

Customer-oriented, focusing on safety and high quality standards

These are just some of the many aims that O.G. Specialstilladser ApS strives to live up to. We also aim to be leaders in innovative, environmentally-friendly scaffolding solutions. but we refuse to deliver anything other than competent, reliable, good-quality service.

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