Shrink wrap

​The optimal protection

We use hard-wearing shrinkwrap to cover almost any size and type of structure, for the optimal protection of your project or product against the environment or polluting emissions.

When using shrinkwrap, the film is heated thermally to make it shrink. Sections of film are fused at the seams, which means unique flexibility, load capacity and cost savings.

Unlimited use

Use shrinkwrap to cover complete or parts of buldings as part of a new construction project, refurbishment or improvements, to keep the weather out and to keep environmentally-damaging emissions, such as the removal of asbestos, in check.

Protect generators, drive systems or power system components with shrinkwrap for hard-wearing protection against the weather. Shrinkwrap also makes land and sea transport of components without the need for additional protective measures.

With guaranteed Uv-protection for at least 12 months, products can be stored for use in industry, shipbuilding and wind turbine construction without having to be stored indoors.​

Many advantages in a single solution

Shrinkwrap protects against sun, wind and weather, harmful emissions and fire.

Shrinkwrap is available in many different types of thicknesses, widths and lengths and can be used in many ways.

Shrinkwrap is the cost-effective alternative to pre-made PVC tarpaulins, crates, containers and the like.

We offer to perform tasks throughout Europe.

Environmentally-friendly PE film can be disposed of as plastic packaging along with normal plastic household waste.

Examples of shrinkwrap applications

Shrinkwrapping of wind turbine steel shrouds for protection against weather conditions and for transport. This coverage is a flexible, hard-wearing solution that is suitable for all kinds of equipment and machinery.

Shrinkwap with zipper and drainage offers the best protection with unlimited transport options.

Protecting containers for transportation: We cover containers, machinery and large goods for transportation in extremely high-quality, tough, impact-resistant 300 μ shrink wrap. Not only does this provide the best protection during transportation, but it also saves time and money.​

Flexible - high stress capacity - low cost - environmentally friendly

Use shrinkwrap to protect your product or project quickly and cheaply against environmental impact, fire and the environment against harmful emissions! Even complicated shapes and constructions can be protected optimally against environmental impact using shrinkwrap, as when heat is applied, the film shrinks to perfectly fit whatever you are covering. Shrinkwrap can also be used as a tarpaulin or tent cover and can, for example, be used over scaffolding as a weather-resistant single-use covering.

Our Swiss partner PLANAG performs tasks throughout Europe.

​Do you require fast, weather-resistant cover for your construction site, scaffolding, facility or construction elements? Contact us - we will put together the right offer to suit your requirements!

Our shrinkwrap options

Shrinkwrap with reinforced edges for your covering project

Shrinkwrap without reinforced edges for all types of covering and transportation

Rental of edge support rails to fit the shrinkwrap and your project

Upon request, we will cover everything that needs covering at your construction site!

​Shrinkwrap - advantages

  • Many variants
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Guaranteed UV-resistant for at least 12 months
  • Available as a fireproof solution (DIN 4102-1 for construction material category B1 certified)
  • Environmentally-friendly PE film
  • Low-cost disposal​

​Shrinkwrap - possible applications

  • Renovation, restoration, new construction
  • Vacuum-compatible coverage for asbestos removal
  • Airtight cover for paintwork tasks
  • Protective cover when sandblasting
  • Tents, shrouds, temporary covering
  • Industry / shipbuilding / (windpower) system construction
  • Protected storage and transport protection for systems and machinery etc. using tarpaulins or profiled steel panels​

​Examples of shrinkwrap applications

Storage and transportation

Shrinkwrap covering can protect systems, containers, machinery and large cargoes against the environment and storage and transportation damage.

(Asbestos) - renovation

An airtight shrinkwrap covering can be used when renovating containers or buildings (asbestos removal) to prevent harmful asbestos dust from escaping into the surrounding area.

Tents and winter shelters

Winterproof, heat-insulated tent structures can be constructed using shrinkwrap as a tarpaulin over a scaffold.​

Shrinkwrap - variants and equipment

Shrinkwrap product variants

  • Standard white colour. All other colours upon request

  • Film thicknesses of 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 micrometres in various widths and lengths, for a large number of applications

  • Execution - standard or fire-resistant

Extra equipment for shrinkwrap

  • Special adhesive tape
  • Ziplocked doors or windows for access and ventilation

Special execution - shrinkwrap as tarpaulin with edge reinforcement

  • 300 µ thick shrinkwrap
  • extremely hard-wearing and impact-resistant
  • with reinforced edges​

Stretch the shrinkwrap over an edge-reinforcement rail as a tarpaulin with edge reinforcement! Properly-sealed - great protection anywhere!​

Customer-oriented, focusing on safety and high quality standards

These are just some of the many aims that O.G. Specialstilladser ApS strives to live up to. We also aim to be leaders in innovative, environmentally-friendly scaffolding solutions. but we refuse to deliver anything other than competent, reliable, good-quality service.

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